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AOHW Treasure Hunt

The Artists' Open House Weekend Treasure Hunt is a fun game designed to add adventure and intrigue to the tour weekend. From north to south, and east to west, the AOHW Treasure Hunt will take tour-goers to all corners of the county and enrich the experience with a variety of exceptional art media!

1. Use your AOHW Brochure, and the included official Treasure Hunt Game Card, to travel throughout the county and complete each of the eight expeditions listed.

2. To complete an expedition, obtain an official stamp from one of the artists listed for that particular task, and make sure the stamp is located in the appropriate box.

3. Game cards with all eight expeditions completed will be eligible to win first, but in the event no cards have been completed in full, cards with the next highest total will be entered into the drawing.

4. Legibly fill out the participant information box with your name and contact information so you can be reached if you are selected as the winner; information will be only used for the Treasure Hunt game.

5. Everyone attending the AOHW is welcome to play and submit a game card; however only one winner will be permitted per address. Therefore, if a card is selected from a repeat winning address it will be passed over.

6. Submit completed game cards to any artist at an official AOHW studio by 6:00 pm EST on 8 October 2018 to be entered to win one of the game prizes listed.










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